Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Instant Pick Me Ups

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Instant Pick Me Ups

Put a spring in your step with these simple methods:

Take a Deep Breath. It will reduce stress and conserve energy says Woodson Merrell, M.D. Inhale slowly until it fills your lungs and expands your abdomen; then exhale.

Drink H2O. Dehydration can decrease brainpower, along with physical stamina found a study in the Journal of American College of Nutrition. Aim for half a cup of water every hour during the day.

Move. Exercise improves circulation, which transports nutrients to fuel the muscles and brain. Just a brisk 10 minutes of cardio activity is enough to boost energy levels for up to two hours finds a study from California State University.

Snack. Eat a little something every three to four hours to keep your blood sugar levels steady. Mix protein and high fibre carbohydrates such as yoghurt and whole-grain cereal, says Joan Salge Blake R.D.

Thank You. Take a moment every day to remind yourself of the things for which you are grateful. Researchers at John Hopkins University found that people who did so had more energy!