Covid 19: Well Happy New Year!

online fitness for lockdown

Hey, we braved 2020 are you ready for 2021?

“What a year” Looking back at 2020 was it the longest year in history or did it feel like Christmas came round too quick? Are you ready for what 2021 has instore or are you on a wobble with the latest news?

Do not worry I have your back! and your legs, oh and your arms – that’s right you are in my safe hands keeping you fit and healthy in 2021.

Hang on, you might have enjoyed my classes that much that you have been telling all your freinds? Well the good news is they still get a free taster! and the even better news is we are all there as a group, keeping us all smiling together!

If you are still working or homeschooling or if you can’t make the lives, no worries, we are still there just press rewind! nah, silly! we have a whole back catalogue of goodies waiting for you. 

You may enjoy pilates, well fab! We have the fab Judith Champion on board and again she has a recorded sessions and lives ready to see you through.

What better deals are around? Not many with the sense of humour like ours, thats for sure!

Give us a try, not even a monthly subscription to the gym… Nope! Not even your weekly trip to Costa… Your fitness fun will cost £14.99 a month, now come on who’s in?